THINK 20 — The research and policy advice network for the G20

In 2019, the Think20, or T20, is convening in Japan under its G20 presidency. Together, the world’s leading think tanks will guide policy innovations to help G20 Leaders address pressing global challenges and deliver more inclusive, sustainable growth for all.


T20 Japan 2019 Kick-Off Conference Preview

On the heels of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, incoming G20 President Japan will host its opening meeting of the group’s research and policy advice network in Tokyo on 4-5 December 2018.


  1. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  2. An International Financial Architecture for Stability and Development/Cryptocurrency and Fintech
  3. Climate Change and Environment
  4. Economic Effects of Infrastructure Investment and its Financing
  5. Cooperation with Africa
  6. Social Cohesion, Global Governance and the Future of Politics
  7. The Future of Work and Education for the Digital Age
  8. Trade, Investment and Globalization
  9. SME Policy faced with Development of Financial Technology
  10. Aging Population and its Economic Impact + Immigration

EVENTS (by Invitation Only)

  • Inception Conference
    4 and 5 December 2018 in Tokyo
  • T20 Summit
    May 2019 in Tokyo (details to be announced)