Deliberate Next Steps toward a New Globalism for Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

By Gerald Bloom, Yasushi Katsuma, Krishna D Rao, Saeda Makimoto, and Gabriel M Leung


Much effort has been expended on promoting universal health coverage (UHC). We focus on four areas that, on current trajectories, are unlikely to achieve sufficient progress to meet Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3.8. These are also issues for which G20 can provide significant traction. The principle of “leaving no one behind” is central to UHC. Migrants and migrant health workers are too often overlooked, as is genuine support for primary health care at the community level. Prioritizing reliable domestic financing requires enlightened leadership and deliberate dialogue between finance and health ministries. Harnessing, and regulating, innovation for a future where multi-omics, immuno-biology, artificial intelligence, social communications and health care converge against threats from climate change, humanitarian crises and emerging and antimicrobial resistant infections requires judicious planning. Finally, mutual learning and harmonized aid amongst countries remain unfulfilled priorities of good governance.