Early Childhood Development Education and Care: The Future Is What We Build Today

By Mathias Urban, Alejandra Cardini, Jennifer Guevara, Lynette Okengo, and Rita Flórez Romero


Early Childhood Development, Education and Care (ECD/ECEC) has become a priority for governments and international bodies. ECD/ECEC is explicitly included in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG4, 4.2), underlining the global consensus. In 2018, G20 acknowledged the key role of ECD and, in their Leaders’ Declaration, announced a G20 ECD initiative. Access to high quality early childhood development, education and care programmes is unequal between and within countries, which remains a major cause for concern. However, in the context of local and global sustainability a new focus on the purpose of ECD/ECEC should become a complementing priority of the G20 process.