Six Proposals for Future Policies towards Circular Economy and Society

By Yasuhiko Hotta, Lewis Akenji, Chika Aoki-Suzuki, Atsushi Watabe, Chen Liu, Jun Nakatani, Kiyo Kurisu, and Eri Amasawa


This policy brief suggests six priorities for developed and emerging economies represented by G20 countries to mainstream circular economy and society globally, as follows: 1) need to capture the momentum raised by public attention on marine plastic pollution; 2) raise the level of ambition of Extended Producer Responsibility; 3) provide policy support for circular economy business models; 4) promote regional circulating and ecological spheres to enhance bottom-up initiatives at local level; 5) enhance international policy coordination and harmonisation for circular economy and society; and 6) incorporate planetary boundaries into the indicators of circular economy and society. It includes suggestions of further tasks for countries where these policies are already in place.