Promoting Unity of Corporate Governance with Global Governance and Social Governance: Demanding Commitment from Corporate Businesses on Sustaining Stable Social Foundation

By Nobuo Inaba and Atsushi Nakajima


In the process of achieving the sustainable growth and to positively transform the world in a balanced manner, corporate businesses play major roles. Nowadays, being a part of the global and local societies, firms’ sustainable maximum of profit is not achievable without their contribution to build the sustainable society.

In such a situation, firms are required to adopt corporate governance which needs to attain integrity and unity with global and social governance, and further extend it to comply with SDGs. In addition, further disclosure of corporate information is effective to improve corporate value and for firms to further contribute to the society. Also, new approaches based on technology progress in fulfilling SDGs could help firms to promote their corporate governance and to contribute to the interest of both the society and the stakeholders in a sustainable manner.