T20 Summit to Convene on 26-27 May in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan – The Think20, the research and policy advice network for the G20 countries, will hold its annual summit on 26-27 May 2019 in Tokyo.

The T20 Summit will bring together experts from top think tanks in G20 member countries and beyond to unveil their policy recommendations for consideration during the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Osaka on 28-29 June.

The recommendations will focus on 10 policy areas identified by the T20 as imperatives in 2019 and reflect empirical research and analysis conducted by corresponding T20 task forces.

The T20’s policy guidance will also be informed by a series of preceding associated events. Among these include the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin, Germany on 18-19 March.

T20 Japan 2019 is being chaired by the Asian Development Bank Institute, in coordination with the Japan Institute of International Affairs and Institute for International Monetary Affairs.

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