Task Force 5: Cooperation with Africa

Background and Challenges

Cooperation with Africa African countries still face various development challenges such as fiscal and debt management, agricultural development, and the problem of food security, as well as the need to strengthen the competitiveness of industries. However, Africa can take advantage of new trends such as the development of value chains in agriculture and industry, and the leapfrogging impact of innovative technologies. The private sector’s role is undoubtedly essential in many areas. This Task Force will promote the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and sustainable development across the African continent by tackling the various policy issues including fiscal and debt sustainability, the G20 Compact with Africa (CwA), industrial development, agricultural development, food security, governance, and taxation.

Lead Co-Chairs

  • Ryosuke Nakata, JICA Research Institute
  • Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)


  • Kapil Kapoor, African Development Bank (AfDB)
  • Rob Floyd, African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET)
  • Witness Simbanegavi, AERC
  • William Davis, ECA
  • Gamal Ibrahim, ECA
  • Belay Begashaw, SDGs Center for Africa (SDGCA)
  • Yamauchi Futoshi, IFPRI
  • Julia Leininger, German Development Institute (DIE)
  • Nara Monkam, African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF)

For further information and inquiries, please contact JICA Research Institute.

Policy Briefs

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