Think20 Japan Ignites G20 Policy Innovation

Tokyo, Japan – Global policy experts from the Think20 have jumpstarted efforts to address new shifts in the world economy heading into Japan’s inaugural hosting of the G20 in 2019.

Work to develop policy recommendations for G20 Leaders to confront growing economic inequality and uncertainty and opportunities linked to political, technological, environmental and social change commenced at the recent T20 Japan Inception Conference in Tokyo.

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“The international community is facing challenges that cannot be solved by governments alone,” noted Taro Kono, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, in his remarks to delegates. “We need to bring together the wisdom and expertise of academia, business and civil society like never before.”

“I hope the T20 will continue to engage in active and fruitful discussions, and come up with practical policy recommendations for the G20,” Minister Kono followed. He also pointed out the increasing need for quality infrastructure and improved education and health access to realize the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals as examples.

The T20, the G20’s research and policy advice network, will engage in 2019 under 10 Task Forces led by experts from leading think tanks in these and other focus areas. Their policy recommendations will be finalized at the T20 Summit in May in Tokyo for consideration during the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Osaka on 28-29 June.

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Asian Development Bank President Takehiko Nakao expressed support for T20 work on the effects of digital development. “Artificial intelligence and robotics offer emerging opportunities to boost consumer demand, increase services sector jobs, protect the environment and improve sustainable development,” he explained, in a keynote speech.

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“The T20 process is extremely important because the world’s think tanks have a major role to play in helping to guide governments to be more effective and also to hold governments accountable,” added Professor Jeffrey Sachs of the T20 Japan Advisory Board and Professor of Sustainable Development at Columbia University, in keynote video remarks.

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Other T20 policy imperatives for 2019 advanced at the meeting included climate change, trade, fintech, aging populations, small business development and cooperation with Africa.

T20 Japan is led by the Asian Development Bank Institute, in coordination with the Japan Institute of International Affairs and Institute for International Monetary Affairs.

Other coordination partners include the African Development Bank, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, JICA Research Institute, Korea Development Institute, Mitsubishi Research Institute and Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry.

“All of us across the T20 think tank network recognize that the changing global landscape requires new and innovative policy solutions,” said Naoyuki Yoshino, Chair of T20 Japan 2019 and Dean of the Asian Development Bank Institute.

“We are committed to ensuring that our G20 Leaders have the policy support necessary to tackle today’s growth challenges as well as the structural issues that will determine our capacity to build and sustain inclusive economies of tomorrow,” Dean Yoshino concluded.

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